The ability to READ opens up a future full of opportunity and promise

Doug Collins was a challenged reader for more than 20 years.  After he learned how to read, he studied reading methods and worked with new and challenged readers in his search for an effective, foolproof, and easy-to-learn reading method.  From this work Doug created and developed Yes, You Can Read NOW‘s Universal Reading MethodTM.

To date, thousands of people have been taught, individually and in groups of up to twenty, with the Universal Reading Method.  Almost all of our students have benefited from our method – as borne out by numerous testimonials and results from pre- and post-testing.  We’re confident it can transform almost any challenged reader.

The National Commission on Adult Literacy (in Reach Higher, America) presents powerful evidence that our failure to address America’s adult education and workforce skill needs is putting our country in great jeopardy and threatening our nation’s standard of living and economic viability. The Commission recommends immediate action to reverse the course we are on. It calls for strong, bold leadership from federal and state governments, and it challenges business leaders, philanthropy, and the nonprofit sector to become part of the solution.

Yes, You Can Read NOW, Inc. is part of the ‘solution to illiteracy’ that our nation is in search of.
Join us and you too can become a part of this solution.

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