Management Team

Craig Collins, CEO, headshotCraig Collins, Chief Evangelist, CEO, Chairman & co-founder, reading specialist – as Chief Evangelist, Craig has taken the Universal Reading Method™ developed by his brother, Doug, and thoroughly familiarized himself with every aspect, while personally teaching hundreds of students with a wide selection of alleged reading-disabled diagnoses.  In concert with this, Craig has assembled a business team and created an online version of the Universal Reading Method™ which is available – here – to anyone with an Internet connection.

Commensurate with his professional background and his academic studies in psychology and social welfare, Craig is leading his team of professionals to reveal the truth about literacy and helping our students move forward beyond, what has been, a disabling circumstance in their lives.  His passion, drive and determination on behalf of his students – championing their right to Read English – is permeated with the same far reaching goals and persistence he used as a competitive swimmer and when solving sophisticated legal and criminal cases.

Doug Collins, co-founder, Product Developer – reading expert; J.D. in Law, B.A. in English, California Teaching Credential.  Doug is the Creator/Developer of the Universal Reading Method™.  After being reading challenged youth, he researched reading methods for the next 20 years because he didn’t want others to suffer with reading like he had.  The result is that he has changed the lives of challenged readers by teaching them how to read with the six concepts taught in his Universal Reading Method™.

John Hollier, President – a management consultant with a focus on entrepreneurial planning and sequencing, an operations execution.  John’s firm, Think Plan Execute,  partners with business owners – like Craig and Yes, You Can Read Now – to accelerate the process of taking their ideas and turning them into fully operating businesses.  He brings Excellent Execution™ to business operations and aligns the performance of teams with the objectives of the business to better serve the customers and increase revenues, decrease expenses and maximize profit.  John has 25+ years of executive and operational management working in domestic and international companies of all sizes, and is honored to be working on advancing the goal of literacy.